Osiedle Wilanowska

Warsaw, Mokotów – Stegny,
122 Wilanowska Avenue

Osiedle Wilanowska

Warsaw, Mokotów – Stegny,
122 Wilanowska Avenue

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10 min

to Metro Wilanowska

15 min

to Galeria Mokotów

5 min

to Dolinka Służewiecka Garden

A diverse range of housing

Osiedle Wilanowska is a modern residential building located in the Stegny, part of Mokotów district, between Śródziemnomorska Street and Wilanowska Avenue.

The project will comprise 106 apartments and 4 commercial premises. Functional studios and spacious apartments of various sizes, ranging from 25 to 87 sqm, will meet all the needs of future owners. Each apartment will have a balcony or a loggia, and ground-floor apartments will have gardens. A great advantage for residents will be an underground garage for 120 parking spaces and an overground charging station for electric cars.

The planned date of delivery of the apartments for use is the second quarter of 2022.

Benefits of the neighbourhood

Wilanowska is an investment located in Mokotów, in the Stare Stegny area between Wilanowska Avenue and Śródziemnomorska Street.

Extensive service infrastructure, including schools and kindergartens, health centers, numerous green areas, bicycle paths, and very good communication with the Centre, creates ideal conditions for living and thriving.

Advantages of living in
Osiedle Wilanowska

malls in
the vicinity

and functional


The peaceful and
intimate character

of the estate

The proximity
of green

Commercial Units

Retail units are located on the ground floor of the building and complement the already extensive service infrastructure in the immediate area. Retail units are an essential part of the project, and the services they provide are an additional benefit for homeowners and the entire local community.

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Photovoltaic is not only a temporary trend, but a conscious choice and a sign of the times we live in. For a long time, the situation on the energy market in Poland and throughout Europe has not been the best. However, the weakness of energy systems based mainly on fossil fuels was clearly demonstrated only by the war in Ukraine. The sanctions imposed on Russia (one of the main suppliers of energy fuels to Europe) and the related difficulties in the availability of gas, coal and oil caused electricity prices to increase dramatically. The situation is further aggravated by hot summers, during which power plants (hydro, but also conventional, water-cooled) cannot operate at full capacity.

Photovoltaics is also about caring for the environment, our planet and future generations.

This thought is particularly close to VINCI Immobilier Polska, where pro-ecological solutions and the functionality of the projects we implement are of great importance to us.

Every decision we make has an impact on the environment, which is why our priority is to raise awareness, educate and introduce even small changes on a global scale.

When designing Osiedle Wilanowska, we consciously chose photovoltaics because it not only allows future residents to save money on electricity bills, but also favors the environment, which is calling for help more and more loudly. Our partner is Innogy, and the contractor will be Innogy’s daughter company – Foton Technik. On the roof of the investment at 122 Wilanowska Avenue, 57 photovoltaic panels with a total capacity of 22.8 kWp were installed which is the largest area of photovoltaic panels on a private building in Warsaw for now.

This is a very important project for us. In addition to comfort and safety, we have also provided the residents with modern and pro-ecological solutions. We installed photovoltaic panels and arranged a space full of greenery, which creates a unique atmosphere of this property.



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