Topping out on Wilanowska!

The summit is reached, the topping is placed! Bravo Us!💪Bravo Kalter Sp z o o

Why this tradition?

One of the most well-known building superstitions today is the panicle. It is a wreath of branches or flowers hung at the end of an important moment. In the past, panicles were a form of sacrifice to deities or spirits and emphasised man’s unbreakable bond with nature.

However, the last flats are already on sale 👉 So don’t delay your decision!

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Contact the sales office

Rezydencja Tagore, ul. Tagore 5 ( prior appointment required )
Kaskady Krakowska, Al. Krakowska 291, 02-133 Warszawa
Osiedle Wilanowska, Al. Krakowska 291, 02-133 Warszawa
Żeromskiego – Poznań, Ul. Żeromskiego 13/15, 60-544 Poznań

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