Żeromskiego – Poznań

Żeromskiego – Poznań

Żeromskiego – Poznań

Żeromskiego – Poznań

Żeromskiego – Poznań

Żeromskiego – Poznań

Żeromskiego – Poznań

Żeromskiego – Poznań

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Apartment 89

Żeromskiego, Poznań,
ul. Żeromskiego 13/15

No. of rooms 1 floor1 Area: 27,5 m2
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Apartment 107

Żeromskiego, Poznań,
ul. Żeromskiego 13/15

No. of rooms 1 floor3 Area: 27,6 m2
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Apartment 115

Żeromskiego, Poznań,
ul. Żeromskiego 13/15

No. of rooms 1 floor4 Area: 27,6 m2
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Apartment 100

Żeromskiego, Poznań,
ul. Żeromskiego 13/15

No. of rooms 1 floor2 Area: 28,47 m2
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10 min

walk to the Botanical Garden

15 min

walk to Park Sołacki

5 min

by bike to Jeżycki Market Square

Żeromskiego – quality of housing

Jeżyce is one of the most dynamically developing districts of Poznań, and Żeromskiego Street itself is a perfect location for all those who do not want to waste time on driving around the city but appreciate the proximity of the most important points of Poznań within a few minutes from home. In addition, bicycle and walking paths leading through the green areas of Poznan and public transport stops are located immediately after leaving the house. In the immediate vicinity, there are important points of the city, and the potential of the Żeromskiego investment will have a positive impact not only on the residents but on the entire immediate environment.

Your everyday life
in an elevated standard

The investment at Żeromskiego Street is located on small a hill, surrounded by green areas. Large glazing and lack of high buildings in the neighborhood significantly increase the comfort of living and benefit the apartments with an amazing view of the panorama of not only Jeżyce but the whole Poznan.

The apartments have been designed in such a way that the space was functional and convenient to arrange. Many of the apartments have been designed with an annex to work, with a view to a modern lifestyle model of sharing work in an office with work or study at home. Apartments on the first floor have functional gardens, while residents of the top floors will have individual terraces. In addition, cyclists will benefit from bicycle racks, both in front of the building and inside convenient bicycle storage rooms in the underground garage. The investment will also be distinguished by a carefully designed entrance area – a space available to residents, extraordinary, ideal for meetings or conversations, without the need to move it to the apartment.

When designing the investment, we paid special attention to making it a good and comfortable place to live, so that the community, which appreciates good architecture, amenities, and functional space, would feel good in a place with an excellent view of the future.

Advantages of living in Żeromskiego – Poznań

green areas
and recreation places


Spacious views
from the

Flats with
and terraces

Jeżyce: use the energy
and potential of the place

The apartments in the Żeromskiego building are an ideal offer for people who appreciate urban life, close to the city center, for whom location is of key importance. Jeżyce is a fashionable district of Poznań, which is developing very dynamically and the apartments keep gaining value. The apartments at 13/15 Żeromskiego Street are well communicated. The most important needs are reachable within a walking distance, and a quiet 10-minute ride is enough to get to the city center by bike. In addition, in the vicinity, there are numerous faculties of the best Poznań universities, schools, kindergartens, stores, and business centers. Żeromskiego investment is also perfectly located in relation to the airport and the main railroad station. Jeżyce is also a cultural and entertainment offer at your fingertips.


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